MInecraft Connected Camps Gamification in Education

Connected Camps – Minecraft Server

This week our family tried out Connected Camps, a free Minecraft Server set up and moderated by Teachers.  I was surprised it actually was free! We looked at the schedule and realised we would have to be up early to fit in with US Pacific Time. My son was sleeping but I figured he wouldn’t mind me waking him up to play Minecraft.

We got through the sign up configuration quickly and easily and were in a Minecraft world within ten minutes. It took a bit of wondering around to find the Guild Towers to sign up. My son prefers to wildly dash around and not read anything. Which makes me quite nauseous unfortunately!

We tried Minecraft homeschooling last year and I wasn’t very impressed. This looks much better. My kids need freedom to build as they are far from Minecraft Novices. The Minecraft Homeschooling site only offered them a small space to build according to set instructions.

The session didn’t last very long. My son played for a while but lost interest quickly. I will try again with my daughter and provide an update. Better yet – she will do her own review and I will post the video. her life dream is to be invited to Vidcon … (oh dear do I really want to support her in all of her dreams?)

Please leave a comment of you are keen to see a review update, or have tried this out yourself.