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Ten things to do in Jambiani, Zanzibar

1. Swim in Kuza Cave and explore underwater cave sculptures

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An ancient jungle cave in Kibigija, Jambiani

2. Scour the beach for shells, sticks, coconut husks, seaweed and create an art piece

3. Eat local Swahili food with friendly Kibigija villagers

Swahili local food

4. Enjoy the Kuza Cave wildlife sanctuary with Monkeys, birds, butterflies and Chindi (Squirrels)

5. Have a  smoky BBQ goat feast

6. Play some drums with the local kids in Cultural Infusion's Heritage Arts program

7. Have a chat and beer or Konyagi (local rum) while you watch the full moon rise over the Indian Ocean

8. Meet and play with the local children who really value education and being connected with the broader world

9. Attend a dinner performance to introduce you to Zanzibar culture through the evolution of music introduced by visiting cultures … Continue Reading ››

Kuza Cave Volunteer Village

If you are looking for a vacation with a difference, then why not come to Zanzibar? It is one of the world's most desirable holiday locations . Please don't  imagine a dusty hot savannah.. this is a tropical paradise Island with an exotic mix of cultures on one of the world's oldest trading ports. See our article on "Ten Things to do in Jambiani" We invite you to come and learn from the local community:
  • Batik, painting and jewellery making
  • Swahili cooking lessons
  • How do you live without electricity and a fridge?
  • How do you build an entire house with no power tools or machinery?
  • How do you make rope from a coconut, embroider a hat, harvest seaweed for export, catch an octopus, etc
  • Relax and sloooow downn... breath.. live.. laugh and enjoy talking to people
Swahili local food
Eating Ugali and beans
            In return they want to learn from you for a few hours a day. So far their requests are:
  • Learn and practice English
  • Sewing
  • Housekeeping / cleaning / hygiene practices
  • Playing musical Instruments guitar, keyboard, drums, malimba
  • Drama, dance,sculpture, jewellery , arts and crafts
  • Cooking … Continue Reading ››

Zanzibar Cultural Infusion Project

A few months ago, myself and my two children have returned to a place we call home in Tanzania, East Africa. I first came to Kibigija Village, in Jambiani Zanzibar,  12 years ago as a weary backpacker happy to rest under a coconut tree and watch the sunrise over the ocean . I stayed in Tanzania for about a year and married a local man, Jafari. We had a  girl and  boy who are now 9 and 10 years old.  Our children are now exploring their own cultural heritage and learning Swahili. They are  coping well with the ups and downs of moving overseas and I am really proud of both of them. I have not coped so well and had lots of tantrums and tears, but I hope I am through the worst of my adjustment period. I am supported by many patient friends her and internationally to keep going with my adventure. We were offered an opportunity to set up a home a few kilometers from the beach near a magnificent cave. It is called Kuza Cave which means birth in Swahili. We have been working hard preparing the site for the busy tourist season coming in June/July. See the … Continue Reading ››

Karibu Jambiani

My family is now back in Tanzania. We have set up a little home in north Jambiani on the East Coast of Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. For tourists, this is a tropical paradise with coconut trees, cocktails and warm waters for snorkelling on coral reefs. For many locals, life is not such a luxury. Most families in Jambiani earn a living through fishing. The lady in the picture, who is my neighbour, is a full-time teacher at the local primary school and a mother of four. Her husband is a fisherman yet they are still looking for extra part-time work to get by. Most people here need  2 or 3 jobs to meet their immediate needs. Some women farm and collect seaweed and earn about 20 cents per kilo. Tanzania has one of the lowest income levels in the world at an average of $2 per person per day.  Yet it has one of the world's fastest growing economies, so that will change quickly. I have been asking the women what they want to learn and the answer is dress-making. (I was kind of hoping they would say computer coding..) So that is … Continue Reading ››