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This is a collection of examples of Lesson Plans and eLearning designs that provide interactive and engaging activities. Some are low tech hard copy printable activities, other use a range of software and Web 2 tools. The focus is on short lesson activities that transform a traditional (passive) activity into an interactive game-like experience. Although the end result may not look like an educational game, the use of game-elements can be very motivating. This category is for busy teachers who want quick and easy ways to engage and encourage students.

Effective time limits in gamification

The irony of the emphasis on speed is that some of our world's leading mathematicians are not fast at math. Laurent Schwartz—who won math's highest award, the Fields medal, in 1950—wrote in his autobiography that he was a slow thinker in math, who believed he was “stupid” until he realized that “what is important is to deeply understand things and their relations to each other. This is where intelligence lies. The fact of being quick or slow isn't really relevant.”
Source: Why Math Education in the U.S. Doesn't Add Up - Scientific American Many games use time as an obstacle. As educators how can we use timers to motivate our learners?  This is a very difficult area of gamification to navigate. If you place a timer on an activity it will make it more challenging but may have the reverse effect of what you intended and leave students feeling like quitting if they can't make the deadline. Another downside is that, as quoted above, we may be giving the wrong message that we value speed and quantity of tasks completed over quality and exploration., thus meeting a short term goal (finish a task) at the expense of a long term goal … Continue Reading ››

Treasure Map Game

This Treasure Map is a visual interface to navigate through 6 months of work in course in Digital Media. As skills are mastered in one area a new location is revealed. There are links to learning resources and short tests to unlock higher levels. It took me a few months to design this, so something for more advanced developers to tackle!   Gamification Natalie Denmeade

Open Badges

Over the last few years I have used Open Badges to improve motivation. My preferred platform is Moodle , but there are others like available. The most successful project has been where the students were in charge of distributing Master or Mentor Badges. We  made a video of the Award Ceremony which you can see on the website: View Website If you are wondering what it feels like to get a badge, then try it our yourself in this demo course .. (link coming soon ) You can earn a silver or gold badge which you can export to your own online backpack.   orange_road

eLearning Treasure Hunt

This mini-mooc introduced eLearning skills through a series of lectures and activities. Natalie was asked to add some gamification strategies and implemented  two simple techniques: 1) A simple progress bar - to indicate progression through seven stages. 2) Jellybean treasure hunt - a small jellybean was a link to quick quiz questions to repeat key concepts. Once all  five of the jelly beans were found the final image was revealed. Please comment if you would like to know how to do this. I am considering writing some how to guides, and looking for interest. jellybean