Zanzibar Cultural Infusion Project

A few months ago, myself and my two children have returned to a place we call home in Tanzania, East Africa. I first came to Kibigija Village, in Jambiani Zanzibar,  12 years ago as a weary backpacker happy to rest under a coconut tree and watch the sunrise over the ocean . I stayed in Tanzania for about a year and married a local man, Jafari. We had a  girl and  boy who are now 9 and 10 years old.  Our children are now exploring their own cultural heritage and learning Swahili. They are  coping well with the ups and downs of moving overseas and I am really proud of both of them. I have not coped so well and had lots of tantrums and tears, but I hope I am through the worst of my adjustment period. I am supported by many patient friends her and internationally to keep going with my adventure. We were offered an opportunity to set up a home a few kilometers from the beach near a magnificent cave. It is called Kuza Cave which means birth in Swahili. We have been working hard preparing the site for the busy tourist season coming in June/July. See the … Continue Reading ››