Karibu Jambiani

My family is now back in Tanzania. We have set up a little home in north Jambiani on the East Coast of Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. For tourists, this is a tropical paradise with coconut trees, cocktails and warm waters for snorkelling on coral reefs. For many locals, life is not such a luxury. Most families in Jambiani earn a living through fishing. The lady in the picture, who is my neighbour, is a full-time teacher at the local primary school and a mother of four. Her husband is a fisherman yet they are still looking for extra part-time work to get by. Most people here need  2 or 3 jobs to meet their immediate needs. Some women farm and collect seaweed and earn about 20 cents per kilo. Tanzania has one of the lowest income levels in the world at an average of $2 per person per day.  Yet it has one of the world's fastest growing economies, so that will change quickly. I have been asking the women what they want to learn and the answer is dress-making. (I was kind of hoping they would say computer coding..) So that is … Continue Reading ››