Open Source Gamification Software from US Government

'NGA’s gamification software  provides a customizable Web interface for displaying badges and a configurable rules engine that translates actions performed by users into awards, said Ray Bauer, an NGA information technology innovation lead.' Gamification-server provides a framework for providing awards/points to users or teams and can be operated either standalone or integrated with other web-based applications. Based on the notion of badges used within other gamification systems, gamification-server also provides a customizable web interface for displaying badges as well as a configurable rules engine to translate actions performed by users into awards. User awards can be exported into an Open Badges Backpack, allowing users to present expertise gained within other social frameworks or applications. The gamification-server is implemented as a django python web service and associated web application. The GeoQ software was developed at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) in collaboration with The MITRE Corporation. The government has "unlimited rights" and is releasing this software to increase the impact of government investments by providing developers with the opportunity to take things in new directions. The software use, modification, and distribution rights are stipulated within the MIT license.

eLearning Treasure Hunt

This mini-mooc introduced eLearning skills through a series of lectures and activities. Natalie was asked to add some gamification strategies and implemented  two simple techniques: 1) A simple progress bar - to indicate progression through seven stages. 2) Jellybean treasure hunt - a small jellybean was a link to quick quiz questions to repeat key concepts. Once all  five of the jelly beans were found the final image was revealed. Please comment if you would like to know how to do this. I am considering writing some how to guides, and looking for interest. jellybean