Getting started in gamification – for teachers

A few steps to get started:

Taking the first step can be daunting!   People often ask me how to get started. They feel inspired after hearing about all of the theory, but wonder just how to implement it in their own practice. My first advice is to understand the time and skill involved. Most of the gamification examples we see are large-scale designs involving a team of developers and months of research, planning,  testing and refining. If you don't happen to have such a team on hand then a smaller scale project is needed. Although, if you have a class to teach then perhaps they can be your design and testing team. (They also complain less when it is their own ideas). Karl Kapp highlights the difference between structural gamification that ties together a series of activities (usually long-term over a few weeks) and content gamification (one teaching session).  It makes sense to start with the latter. Step 1) Select a topic and a group of generous people to test out your strategy. Step 2 ) Use the free Lesson Plan provided when you subscribe to the Moojoo Newsletter. In summary, small groups compete to come up with the best multiple choice question on a … Continue Reading ››